Pier 38 to be Revamped

Bids to rehabilitate the Pier 38 bulkhead structure and a portion of the Pier 38 shed, the pier from which a whole host of startups and two venture capital firms were evicted last year, are now being sought with a deadline of February 22, 2013 to respond.

From a plugged-in tipster who attended the pre-bid conference last week and questions the Ports direction and approach:

The Port Commission directed the Port staff to get the front part of the pier (the “bulkhead building”) re-tenanted as soon as possible.

If the Port had recovered from the previous tenant debacle and resolved two issues – litigation over an outstanding loan against the previous lessee and the removal of three boats parked illegally at Pier 38 – they could conceivably move forward with developing the whole pier.

source: socketsite.com