With the financial framework for the proposed Warriors Arena on Piers 30-32 having been approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, San Francisco’s Planning Department is quickly moving forward with the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) necessary for the billion dollar arena and proposed mix-use project on Seawall Lot 330 to rise.

Under the proposed project (click the image above to enlarge), Piers 30-32 would be developed with several levels, including an Embarcadero Level (pier level), Levels 2 and 3 (approximately 10 and 22½ feet above pier level, respectively), a Main Plaza/Concourse Level (approximately 35 feet above pier level), and a Terrace Level (approximately 50 feet above pier level). The tallest structure on Piers 30-32 would be the proposed event center building, at approximately 135 feet above pier level.

Seawall Lot 330 would be developed with a four-story building (ground level plus three podium levels), above which two 10-story towers would be developed. The maximum height of the podium component would be 45 feet above ground level; the tower components would each measure approximately 105 feet in height, for an approximate building height of 150 feet above ground level.

Scheduled to be ready for review by summer 2013, a plugged-in tipster delivers the hot off the presses notice of preparation and public scoping meeting for the EIR which has been scheduled for January 15. From the notice which mentions a couple of interesting project variants to be exploredand omits one big variant which some were hoping to see:

The EIR will discuss the proposed project’s potential conflicts relating to physical environmental effects with the San Francisco General Plan and its relevant elements, particularly the Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plan. The EIR will also analyze the project’s potential conflicts with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s (BDCD’s) San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan and the Port of San Francisco’s Waterfront Land Use Plan. Other applicable planning documents will be discussed for context, including, the Bicycle Plan, Sustainability Plan, Climate Action Plan, and Better Streets Plan, as well as the City’s Transit First policy.

The EIR will also discuss the conformance of the proposed project with the San Francisco Planning Code, including the specific sections relevant to the area, including but not limited to, Sections 829 (South Beach Downtown Residential Mixed Use District), 260 (Height Limits), and 240 Waterfront Special Use District. Inconsistencies with relevant plans or zoning that could result in physical effects on the environment will be analyzed in the applicable environmental topic sections, such as noise and air quality.

While the EIR has been scoped to consider several project variants for both Piers 30-32 and Seawall Lot 330, including a potential relocation Red’s Java House to the south end of the piers and a single, even taller tower upon Seawall Lot 330, it hasn’t been scoped to consider an alternative site for the arena.