The Green Designs For Block 6: Folsom Street From Fremont To Beale

According to SocketSite, the winning proposal to develop Transbay Block 6/7, from Folsom Street to Clementina Alley and Fremont to Beale, includes a 300-foot tower on the corner of Folsom and Fremont, 40-foot townhomes along Clementina, and three 50 to 85-foot mid-rise buildings on Fremont, Beal, and Folsom.


In total, 545 residential units (a mix of market-rate and subsidized), 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail and 136 undergrounding parking spaces will be built on the site with multiple green roof gardens and decks above, parks and a mid-block paseo below.


Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, the Block 6 Tower will attempt to leverage prevailing winds to ventilate and cool the building without air conditioning.


Up the tower, a series of sky gardens will grow.